Yoga challenge 2021 for the Apple Watch: how to get it

Apple is used to launching some of its characteristic challenges on certain days that can be completed through Apple Watch training. These challenges are focused mainly on exercise in order to reach a specific goal that is set and a new medal is obtained as a reward. As a result of this, it must be borne in mind that International Yoga Day is approaching and Apple wanted to commemorate it with one of these challenges. We tell you all the details below.

Earn a new badge by doing a yoga session

As we have commented previously, the June 21, 2021 International Yoga Day is celebrated and Apple has programmed a new challenge for all users. At the end of this challenge, you will get a new badge that will join all the ones you have already won and a set of stickers that are animated. In order to complete it, you will simply have to do a yoga routine on June 21 in just 20 minutess. It is true that to get the prize, calories or burned are not counted or if you have really done it since only the time you spend with active training counts.

Beyond the badge that is achieved by completing this challenge, the most interesting are the exclusive stickers to be integrated. This is something that already happened in the ‘festivities’ of previous years of Yoga Day. Among the animated stickers that are integrated you can see several people doing yoga poses. These can be used in applications such as iMessage to be able to make different visual representations that a yoga session is going to take place. In addition to these stickers of dolls doing yoga poses, the logo itself will also be included in an animated way.

Yoga 2021 challenge apple watch

The different ways to complete the challenge

Apple gives all the possible ways to be able to carry out the yoga session and that it ends up being fulfilled. The best thing to do is to use the Apple Watch training application where a section specially dedicated to this activity is integrated. Any of these that have some kind of relationship with yoga will be included in this challenge. But it is not limited only to this application, but any other third party that you have installed You will also have the ability to complete the challenge. The only condition that is imposed is the fact of having the application linked to Health so that the control of all the workouts that you have done is carried out.

Nor can the service of Apple Fitness + that also integrates different workouts with Yoga and on top with visual instructions. In the end, what Apple wants with these tools, as well as with the challenges, is that all users who have an Apple Watch can exercise on a day-to-day basis with the incentive ahead of winning a prize. Although it is a virtual award, we have seen how many people have started to exercise by completing a ring and even winning a badge for perseverance.

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