WWDC 2021 with surprises: will homeOS be a new operating system?

homeOS, a possible new operating system from Apple

The surprises leading up to the WWDC 2021 They will not stop until the start of the conference itself. Rumors about two new MacBooks or all the news of the radical change that iPadOS and iOS 15 will take over the covers in recent days. In fact, a new element has entered the fray: homeOS. In a job offer posted in the last hours, Apple refers to a possible new operating system with that name, which makes us think of three elements: Apple TV, HomePod and HomeKit. However, theoffer has been modified by removing the name homeOS. What is Apple up to?

Will homeOS be a reality in this WWDC 2021?

You’ll work with Apple systems engineers, learn the internals of iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and homeOS, and optimize your code for performance in ways that only Apple can. Join our team and make a real difference for music lovers around the world.

The ‌Apple Music‌ Frameworks team has the technology that allows the Apple Music‌ experience integrated into the system on all our mobile platforms: iOS, watchOS and homeOS.

Theories begin to appear on the web at the same time that the job offer in question. There are two great hypotheses about homeOS. First, Apple may want to take the plunge and launch a new operating system that encompasses all the functions related to home automation. Or that you have in mind to launch a product that needs to have its own interface. Or it is also possible that it made the system available to third-party devices, something that does not square with the ideology of the Big Apple. However, they are all theories.

The other theory is framed within a change in the names of current operating systems as it happened with iOS for iPad that ended up being called iPadOS or Mac OS X that happened to be called macOS. Apple is likely to want to standardize the names of its operating systems across all of its products.

On the other hand, hours after commotion generated by the job offer, Apple modified the job offer by removing the word homeOS. They were changed by HomePod and tvOS, avoiding giving any more clues about the reason for this lapse. In addition, it is likely that it caused a stir at the Cupertino headquarters.

However, it is not clear which devices this new homeOS could relate to. In the job offer, it seems to be related much more to a mobile system such as watchOS and iOS than to a desktop product such as macOS. But as we say, all are assumptions until June 7, at the opening of WWDC 2021 all doubts are cleared.

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