Will we see hardware in the WWDC 2021 keynote?

WWDC 2021

This could be one of the most repeated questions before starting the WWDC main keynote every year: Will we see hardware in the WWDC keynote? And although the setting may not appeal to everyone, the last few years we have not had any hardware in these presentations.

The software is usually mainly the guest in this event, more than anything because it is focused on the developers and the hardware although it also has part of the responsibility in the operation of the software it does not usually appear in this event more focused on operating systems.

It is true that there are rumors indicating the possibility of seeing a new MacBook Pro with a renewed processor and even with a different design or larger screens, but those are rumors that right now would be discarded.In a tweet from the L0vetodream account, a few hours ago the little or no possibility of seeing hardware in this WWDC was commented:

Nor can we completely rule out the launch of a product in these presentations and it would not be the first time that Apple shows us a new device in it. What is clear is that only the Cupertino company knows at this time if they are going to launch some hardware or not in today’s keynote or later without directly announcing the product in the presentation.

Really and personally speaking I think that Apple will follow the trend of recent years and will not launch any new product during today’s event, but we will see that in a few hours so everyone pay attention to the iPhone News direct to clear up any doubts.

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