Which iOS apps collect the most user data?

An investigation conducted by Invisibly found that 82% of users want to prevent devices and companies from collecting and sharing data. But which are the iOS apps that collect the most data?

transparency apple tracking

In particular, 76% of people don’t like receiving targeted ads online and want this practice to stop. 68% believe that the data privacy it is very important, especially on a smartphone. Interestingly, 11% more men than women don’t mind receiving targeted online ads.

The data shows that only 15% of users globally have authorized tracking for advertising discoveries since iOS 14.5 was released with the tracking transparency feature. The percentage drops to 6% if we only talk about users in the United States.

In the category of messaging and video calling apps, Facebook Messenger collects the most personal data, while Cisco Webex Meetings collects the least. Among the social media apps, first place for Facebook, with Clubhouse instead collecting a minimum amount of data. Obviously, a differentiation must also be made here based on the functions of the apps, since Facebook allows you to share much more content than Clubhouse.

In the Navigation category, Waze GPS collects more private data than other apps, while InRoute doesn’t share any data. In general, social media and food delivery apps are the worst when it comes to collecting personal data. Of course, the apps that collect less data are also those that have premium versions, in-app purchases, or that aren’t available for free.

Social Media, Food Delivery, Shopping, Dating and Payments are the categories that collect the most data, followed by Flight Booking, Video Call and Messaging, Streaming and Personal Finance.


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