We will have an iPad mini with Pro design very soon

iPad mini pro concept

This we could say that it is one of the open secrets that we have about the iPad. In this case the small iPad could adopt the design and shape of the higher models, logically all this is a rumor but it comes from a source as important as Bloomberg so you have to take it seriously.

This new iPad mini could arrive earlier than expected and is that it is one of the few models that remain to renew or change the design. Fewer bezels, less overall size and a screen between five and nine inches is what is expected of this new iPad mini.

What is clear is that the smaller iPads have to change their design at one time or another and it could be this year that Apple has chosen to make this change. Since the beginning of the year, there has been talk about the possibility that the iPad mini changes its design and now could be closer than ever. This small iPad is expected to add a little more screen with dimensions similar to those of the current model, this is something that we have seen in all iPad models thanks to the redesign made by Cupertino in these iPads.

In the new report published by Bloomberg also there is talk of a new iPad Pro that is scheduled to launch in 2022 And that could include MagSafe wireless charging capabilities, as well as the ability to charge other wireless devices in reverse. But for this there is a lot to do so we are going to focus now on the smallest of the iPad which is the one that remains to be added in the new Apple product design.

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