WatchOS 8 Features and Functions

List of watches compatible with watchOS 8

Before starting with the news of watchOS 8 we want to tell you which are the compatible models with this version of the operating system dedicated to Apple Watch. Obviously, like every year, there are a number of devices that are left out of this update, although the firm led by Tim Cook this year has maintained the same list of Apple Watch that were already compatible with watchOS 7. Therefore we find these compatible models:

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch Series 6

Apple watch

It should be noted that in the case of the Apple Watch Series 3, this could be a somewhat controversial version at first. In the previous versions it had been dragging continuous performance problems that, at least at the time of publishing this article, seem already solved with the first versions for developers that Apple has released of watchOS 8.

Improvements to what we already had in the Watch

When a new version of an operating system is presented, most users focus on what is new that it brings with respect to the previous version. However, it is common for developers to also focus a large part of their efforts on improve everything that was already there in two different ways. The first one is through the optimization of the operating system itself, making what already worked well work even better. On the other hand, there are also functional improvements that add options to the existing ones, which is exactly what we are going to talk about now, about the news that Apple has introduced in watchOS 8 on functions that already existed in watchOS 7.

All your keys, in Wallet

Every day there are more users who use their Apple Watch to pay using Apple Pay or who travel with all their tickets in Wallet, well, with watchOS 8 this application is clearly enhanced. From now on, all those users who have a compatible car and Apple Watch they can both open and start the car just by wearing the Apple watch. To all this is added the possibility of carrying the digitized driving license, to avoid having to carry it in your purse or pocket.

wallet watchos 8

Of course, these functions seem to be relegated to a series of specific cars that come with this function as standard and with respect to the driving license, it seems that the legislation of each country will have to approve it (in Spain at the moment only the app of the DGT). To this are added new functions that make Wallet have the possibility of accessing different places thanks to the compatibility with some models of locks. This way you can access your home, a hotel or your own office without having to carry the traditional keys, since these will be in your Apple Watch with which you can open these doors.

New workouts come to Apple Watch

One of the plus points in favor of using the native Apple Watch application to train is the wide variety of workouts it has. Despite this, there are still specific sports that do not have their specific training, therefore, the Cupertino company, version by version, is introducing new modalities. Now with watchOS 8 arrive two specific workouts and really very popular these days: Tai Chi and Pilates, two modalities that improve the health of people both physically and mentally.

Both workouts are based on powerful movement and heart rate algorithms that are validated to provide users with the most accurate data possible. In addition, they have also been added to the multiple functions that are included within the Apple Fintess + service, a subscription platform launched at the end of 2020 but which is not currently available outside the United States, so it will continue not to be enjoyed in Spain in a way official.

new workouts watchos 8

Now is the time to control your breathing while you sleep

If the Apple Watch focuses on something, it is on people’s health. On the one hand, it is obviously a device very focused on measuring all kinds of sports activities, in fact, it comes to serve as a motivator for many people thanks to the “obligation” to close the rings every day. However, perhaps the greatest value that the Apple Watch brings in terms of health is the ability to measure parameters as important as blood oxygen or heart rate.

There are many cases in which the Apple Watch has served to help users detect heart problems, well, now comes a new function to control the sleep of all those who get into bed with the Apple watch on the phone. wrist. From now on the Apple Watch will also be able to measure respiratory rate as you sleepFor this, the accelerometer will be in charge of measuring this information, which you will have available in the iPhone health application.

More spheres with photos in portrait mode as protagonists

The aesthetic section is also essential when talking about a watch, since after all, it is also a fashion element. The Apple Watch has a huge variety of spheres with which the user has the possibility of perfectly adapting the aesthetics of their watch to each moment of the day, choosing both the shape, the color, and the complications. All this is still present in this new version of the operating system, but with interesting improvements.

How could it be otherwise, with watchOS 8 new spheres are introduced that add to the entire catalog that already existed previously. In this case, the photos are the protagonists of this novelty since The Photos sphere will come to life thanks to the interaction that users will be able to make with the digital crown, all through the new Portraits sphere. In this it will be possible to configure exactly where to place the information of the time and the degree of transparency of this on the subject that appears as the protagonist in the photograph.

Watchos 8 portrait mode spheres

Improvements in timers and Music app

One of the simplest uses but that most Apple Watch users use are timers. Having Siri on your wrist makes this action even easier, however one of the limitations that existed until this version is that you could only have an active timer, that is, there was no possibility of activating timers in parallel. This changes with watchOS 8 as it allows set up different timers simultaneously, being very useful if, for example, you are cooking and need to have different times for each cooking.

In this version we also find improvements regarding the Music application. Specifically, new functions are added when it comes to share songs, albums, or playlists. As with the iPhone, these can be shared through different channels such as Messages, Mail or third-party applications that have their own application within the Apple Watch.

New features coming to the Apple watch

Given the novelties in functions that already existed, we have to focus on telling what is really new that this version of the clock system brings. In this watchOS 8 we can find really interesting news like the ones we tell you below.

Take control of your home from the clock

Yes, we already know that the Home app it already existed in previous versions. However, the change that this app has undergone is such that we could almost consider it as new, since it is accompanied by new functions. The main reason for the redesign was to be able to offer a more convenient access to accessories and environments that have been previously configured. Even users who have a HomeKit compatible camera They will be able to see the image that it captures from the application itself.

Another of the new functions is the possibility of use the intercom to send messages to the whole house through the different devices compatible with this function such as the HomePod or the HomePod mini, as well as other personal devices. Until now, the only way to access this function was through Siri, which will continue to offer that possibility, but as an alternative to this new function that a priori seems much more comfortable.

Goodbye to Breathing, hello to Mindfulness

With watchOS 8, the Cupertino company has taken the Breathe application and changed it to a new app, which obviously brings new functions available to all users. This new app is called Mindfulness You are aiming to practice mindfulness more than ever. It is a evolution of the Breathe app, which offers a new session called Reflect. This activity consists of performing a conscious concentration exercise for just one minute, so it can be carried out anytime, anywhere.

With each moment that you dedicate to carry out this Reflecting session, you will be giving yourself the possibility of adopt a positive attitudeAt least that is the intention that Apple has with this new application. In addition, of course, the options that the Breathe application offered up to now are still valid and available. All this accompanied by new animations so that the use of this app is also more attractive.

New tools come to Messages

Apple has made every effort to make the experience of communicating with other people as satisfactory as possible, which is why it has added new tools to the Messages application, so that you can use your Apple Watch more than ever to start conversations with other people. For this, what the Cupertino company has done is to give the possibility of combine the three ways of typing on Apple Watch, that is, combine dictation, handwriting, and emoji.

Another novelty that Apple has implemented in this regard is the inclusion of GIFs, giving the possibility to users to enter them directly from the Apple Watch. On the other hand, the Contacts app is also available for the Apple Watch, so you can search, add and edit contacts from your wrist without having to access the iPhone.

Concentrating is now easier

One of the star features of the new operating systems is the Concentration function, which is available for all operating systems and therefore also on all devices that are compatible with these operating systems. Concentration consists of the personalization of different modes similar to the “Do not disturb” currently existing, in order to adapt the management of notifications incoming depending on the activity you are doing at all times.

Obviously, in a device that has as one of its star functions the management of notifications, the Concentration function takes on a fundamental role and value. Concentration is intended to help users reduce distractions and focus on the task at hand. To do this, the Apple Watch will automatically synchronize with the Concentration settings that have been established on the iPhone to filter, in this way, notifications from people and applications based on what the user is doing.

WatchOS 8 version history

Officially this is a version that has not yet reached the public, since only the first beta for developers, which was released the same day the operating system was released (June 7, 2021). All those who are registered as Apple developers will be able to install this version and do its tests, always taking into account the risks that it implies at the performance level because it can contain bugs, as well as the impossibility of returning to a stable version later. Apple announced that public beta would arrive throughout the month of July.

Regarding the release to the public, the Californian company announced that it would be fall. Although this season runs from September to December, the truth is that the most expected is that it is September when it is released worldwide for all those watches that we mentioned that will be compatible. This is a deduction we make based on what happened in previous years with other versions of watchOS.

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