tvOS 15, we will be able to use Face ID or Touch ID to log into the apps

With tvOS 15 the Cupertino company has considerably simplified the login procedure in the various applications. It will in fact be possible to use the Face ID or Touch ID of our iPhone to log in to the various applications.

tvOS 15

With tvOS 15 developers will be able to implement a much faster and more secure login than the classic login, using the biometric authentication of the iPhone and iPad. The new button can be integrated among the login options Sign in with Apple device, which in turn will activate an authentication procedure on the iPhone or iPad.

On the device we will see a login request, which we can obviously accept and confirm thanks to Face ID or Touch ID. Our device will take the credentials from the keychain to proceed quickly and securely to login. All this obviously with the support of the developers, who will have to update their applications by integrating this functionality.

What do you think of this novelty? Definitely not revolutionary but useful and much safer, don’t you think?



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