TSMC begins construction of a plant in Arizona

TMSC has begun construction on a new chip plant in Phoenix, Arizona, where the company could start manufacturing wafers based on the 5-nanometer process.

tsmc chip

With a $ 12 billion investment, TSMC will build this facility in Arizona from which the 5 nanometer chips already used by Apple could come out. As confirmed by company CEO CC Wei, the project in Arizona will go ahead on schedule and the factory is expected to begin shipping 5nm wafers starting in 2024. Some of these chips will be destined for the automotive and intelligence industries. artificial, but it is not excluded that several units made in Arizona will be reserved for Apple which, with this partnership, will have an additional “made in USA” component perhaps for its Apple Car.

Meanwhile, production of 3nm chips that Apple will use on future iPhones, iPads and Macs is expected to begin at TSMC’s Taiwan facilities soon. Compared to current 5nm chips, switching to 3nm will increase performance by between 10% 15% and at the same time will increase energy savings between 20% and 25%.


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