Three new apps that could see the light of day at WWDC 2021 are filtered: Mind, Tips and Contacts

New apps leaked in the App Store

The hours before start of WWDC they must always be distressing to Apple. Dozens and dozens of functionalities, apps and news for their operating systems are filtered before their launch. However, they bring to life an increasingly competitive landscape by offering the best leaks and ensuring that Apple takes more care of your information than ever. On this occasion, they have found hints of three new apps on the App Store. Among them is Mind, Contacts (edit) Y Tips which would be available in watchOS 8 for the first time since the launch of watchOS. What are the intentions of these new apps for Apple?

Will WWDC 2021 surprise us with these three new apps?

Khaos tian has been in charge of firing a new dart at the target of the leaks. A few hours ago I published a tweet in which it showed three new entries in the app IDs of the App Store. In fact, in the image that heads the article you can see the three new entries:


As Tian explained, when apps have the Nano in front of them make reference applications for the Apple Watch compatible with watchOS. So, looking at it in perspective, the big apple prepares to launch three new apps, at least, which they will present at the inaugural keynote of WWDC 2021 tomorrow, June 7.

WWDC 2021

Mind, Tips and Contacts … what else is Apple preparing?

It is likely that Mind be an app in the purest Breathe style on Apple Watch. The objective? Perhaps it is to improve the mental health of users especially taking into account the situation that we have been going through for a year and a half. However, it is unknown what its content could be and not even if it would also be available for watchOS or iPadOS. Finally, Tips and Contacts they will finally arrive at watchOS 8 independently after not having a specific section for them since the beginning of watchOS.

In this way, the user who has an Apple Watch connected to the data network will be able to call more quickly through the Contacts app without having to: either call from the iPhone or find the contacts within the app Telephone. Much easier through an app that we hope to see soon on our watches.

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