This is how Apple has protected the secrets of its software this WWDC 2021

iOS 15, in detail

Large product leaks and apple software they are one of the company’s weak points. Not only for Apple it is a problem but for all companies that have their products under a high degree of secrecy to avoid leaks of all kinds. A full version of iOS 14 leaked last year that unveiled great features and was finally unveiled at WWDC. However, This year at WWDC 2021 we arrived with little information and very little developed about the news of iOS and iPadOS 15. This could be due to a new system used by Apple to restrict the display of news through individual access profiles.

This is how Apple has shielded iOS and iPadOS 15 for WWDC 2021

The boys and girls of 9to5mac have analyzed the source code of the first beta for developers of iOS 15 as in each of the versions released by Apple. However, they have found a quirk that they haven’t seen before. The big Apple has added a unique identifier to new features in iOS and iPadOS 15. That is, each feature package or individual features has been mapped to an ID that is accessed through restricted access.

To be able to show those restricted functions it is necessary have an individual profile capable of unlocking them. That is, certain functions are unlocked and displayed when iOS detects that the profile used is correct. In this way, Apple can provide access to certain parts of iOS and iPadOS to some engineers hiding other functions they don’t have to work on. This works in isolation on functions and prevents everyone from having access to the entire new operating system.

In a way, this already happens globally with updates from the App Store depending on the type of iOS we have and whether or not Apple decides to update that information. However, feature limitation has come to the software to stay with the aim of keeping the news of their operating systems in the most discreet secrecy.

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