This is how Apple has improved the discussion forums for WWDC 2021

The arrival of WWDC 2021 is imminent

For the second year in a row, Apple’s annual developer conference (WWDC) has to be held smoothly. telematics. Guilty? SARS-CoV-2, which has been modifying our lifestyle and company plans for a year and a half. However, WWDC 2021 already has experience from a telematics event from last year. In fact, Apple is improving all internal structures such as discussion forums that will be used throughout the conference with the aim of achieving maximum interaction between developers and Apple professionals.

Apple prepares the discussion forums for the arrival of WWDC 2021

Discussion forums are one of the key tools at developer conferences. As Apple releases all the new technology built into iPadOS 15, iOS 15, and watchOS 8, among other new operating systems, developers will be able to ask questions, answer, and interact with Apple engineers to answer questions. In addition, this is what the conference is about, trying to help creators directly with the new APIs, addressing the new challenges that will arise as opportunities.

A few hours ago, I was launching a Update of the discussion forums for the arrival of WWDC 2021. The objective of all these changes is to improve the way developers communicate and offer new tools to be able to manage the messages of the forums in a correct way.

In fact, the developers assure that many of the new features integrated into the new forums come as a result of the feedback that Apple received at WWDC 2020. These are some of the New features added to the discussion forums:

  • Possibility of posting comments on questions or answers to add additional information or request clarification.
  • Search for content in multiple tags, further defining the search.
  • Add and manage favorite tags.
  • Upload pictures to questions and answers to provide details that support the speech.
  • Consult the descriptions of the labels to choose which one is the most related to the question.
  • Subscribe to your favorite tag RSS feeds to add them to third-party apps and follow them externally.
  • View questions, answers, and your own favorite tags from the home page.
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