Third-party apps will be able to take advantage of iOS 15’s Portrait mode and audio effects

iOS 15 introduced some new features for FaceTime such as Portrait mode and new audio effects to improve call quality. These novelties can also be used by third-party applications.

iOS 15

Applications like Snapchat and others will benefit from these features. With the new effects we will be able to get one background blur in calls also isolating the voice to make it easier for people to hear. The mode broad range instead it ensures a good perception of the surrounding audio as well.

Apple has not officially specified this possibility, however, made known thanks to the work of the team of 9to5mac. These features can be activated directly from the control center, thanks to the new buttons that will give access to these new effects. As always, we will have to wait for developers to update their applications with full compatibility with iOS 15.

iOS 15 will arrive alongside all other operating systems in the fall. Haven’t you discovered all the news yet? We therefore suggest you to retrieve our dedicated article.


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