The Philips Hue app receives the biggest update in its history

If you follow us often about our Weekly podcast, You will know that when it comes to domotizing devices we always recommend that if you are looking for a truly intelligent and effective automation of your connected home, you go directly to the Philips Hue range, that is why we are always aware of the news that happens in this regard.

The Philips Hue app update has received an update that will make it easier for you to use your lights and accessories. Discover with us the news regarding this important update that Philips has made to its application for iOS and iPadOS.

As always, you can download the application totally free in the iOS App Store, yes, Philips Hue is a system that requires a connection bridge to easily control all our devices. This renewed application improves on almost everything, especially considering the archaic design that the application had so far. Control is infinitely more intuitive, in addition to that it has also been correctly adapted to the design requirements that iOS imposes due to its marked style.

In the same way, the new application solves some of the performance problems that until now we were finding in the application. This is not a mere adjustment, but a complete redesign which will now allow us to adjust rooms and areas individually, in fact, they have added a new button in the lower area just for this. Geolocation has also been significantly improved to detect different users and thus avoid the involuntary activation of a multitude of automatisms that we had programmed. You can take a look at the app on the iOS App Store and find out if this Philips Hue app update is really as relevant as it seemed to us.

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