The new design of the Firefox browser comes to iOS and iPadOS

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The navigation over the Internet has become potentially exploitable by large companies. This is how we are seeing it with Apple and the expansion of privacy tools in all its operating systems and Safari as a web browser. However, the rest of browsers also have to put the batteries to try to attract users by their functionalities and design whose tastes are becoming more and more personalized. One of the most used browsers is Firefox, with a great application and many functionalities has been updated with a new, fresher and more modern design with little new features.

Firefox changes its design in the new version for iOS and iPadOS

The fresh new design covers all parts of Firefox, from desktop browsers to Android and iOS mobile devices. The iOS experience is optimized for iPhone and iPad, and actions now take fewer steps for faster searching, browsing, and tabbing. With improved iconography and menu names, the entire browsing experience is more cohesive and harmonious across platforms. Things look different in 2021.

Firefox announced a new design of your browsers for June 1 a few weeks ago. As promised, yesterday all their apps were updated and all the updates for their desktop software were released with those news. A new design that is fresher, more compact and increasingly similar to each other to Google Chrome and to the design that macOS wants to try to bring to its applications: rounded, clean and neat appearance.

Among some of its improvements is the new user interface that shares with desktop browsers. You can check it in the presentation video of the reason for the chosen design. In addition, the number of touches on the screen to perform basic actions such as opening a new tab has been reduced. On the other hand, the ability to search a page is now faster by adding a shortcut icon. A new one is also added tab tray to navigate through all of them in a dynamic and simple way.

There is no doubt that Firefox is betting on a change in trend. Although what stands out about this company is its triumph for transparency and open source, there is no doubt that they want to try to capture the attention of the youngest, and not so young, with a new design that more than one may like.

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