The Magic Mouse you dream of and that will never come

You may have undergone the use of a Magic Mouse, that infernal mouse that the Cupertino company is pleased to “give you” with the purchase of an iMac. Honestly, if you have the possibility to change the Magic Mouse for the Magic Trackpad, simply do not hesitate, you will not regret it.

This concept suggests how the Magic Mouse should have been in this new edition of the iMac, something that we all would have liked and it does not seem that we are going to see. Let’s take a closer look at this new “concept” with which we will ask ourselves: Why didn’t Apple do it this well from the start?

As a bonus, this Pro Mouse devised by designer Vincent Lin and published inBehance, has clearly improved ergonomics. In addition to being black and having a metallic area in space gray, it is capable of turning on itself, that is, we can use it indistinctly whether we are right-handed or left-handed. CIt has a slightly sunken area in the upper center to facilitate the click, that obviously would have haptic feedback, as in the MacBook TrackPad.

Another of its most notable advantages is the fact that you can charge it through USB-C (although Apple would surely opt for Lightning) at the same time you use it, a madness that seems far from Apple’s designs. Remember that the current Magic Mouse cannot be used either connected by cable or while charging, so when you lose the battery, you also lose the device. We would have in this dream Pro Mouse a sidebar also with haptic response that will allow us to both slide and navigate. The real shame of all this is that it is only a dream (and not Resines) and we will never see it live.

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