Synchronize games between Apple devices with Game Center

What function does Game Center have

Game Center has been gaining strength as video games have progressed within the Apple ecosystem. It is possible that you find a functionality that is not familiar, but the truth is that it fulfills an important function that any gamer should always keep in mind.

Manage friends and play with them

Game Center is mainly focused on managing the friends you have so that you can play with them. This is obviously especially true for games that are compatible and support full Game Center compatibility. Much information can be found about the activity carried out by all the contacts you have added to the service such as the games you have played most frequently or the achievements that have been achieved. In the end, it is a completely online service that tries to create an authentic social platform by all means.

Game Center

It is not only limited to the people you already know from your day to day but you can also add the people with whom you are playing the different games. In this way you can generate a good community as can happen on other platforms such as Steam, although there are some limitations for example. For example, there is no text chat as such or even a voice chat that can undoubtedly be essential when playing cooperatively.

Achievement management

Another fundamental part of a gaming platform that Game Center has is the record of achievements. When playing different games from the App Store, in addition to the missions available throughout the process, we can also find achievements that jump at specific times. These are integrated by the developers themselves and can be found on renowned platforms such as Steam or PlayStation.

game center achievements

These achievements are an extra challenge since they consist of performing different challenges such as killing a specific number of enemies or performing different actions. These are not required to be able to finish the game as far as the story is concerned. In the end it is an incentive of satisfaction for those people who want 100% complete a game because they really liked a specific game. In the Game Center itself, you can consult all these achievements as well as the pending ones you still have.

Synchronize your games

But the really important thing with Game Center is the possibility of synchronizing the games you are playing. This includes both games from the App Store as well as those from Apple Arcade. In this way, if you are playing a specific game on an iPhone, you can always continue your game even if you change iPhone. It also applies to the entire ecosystem that you have connected to the same Game Center account, such as in Mac, iPad or Apple TV.

It is important to note that the synchronization process is really comfortable since it is automatic in the background. Simply creating the Game Center account and linking it to your iCloud account will start to always synchronize. There is no need to take any step beyond this by making Game Center an ideal platform. It is important to have space in iCloud since the files will be synchronized here mainly although they do not take up much space in the storage.

Create a new account in Game Center

Once everything that can be done with this platform that has been created by Apple is taken into account, it is important to know how the creation should be done. Keep in mind that it is not created natively together with the iCloud account when a new device is going to be used. In addition, the creation can only be done on an iPhone or a Mac, although later it will also end up synchronizing with the Apple TV as it is linked to the Apple ID.

In case you are in a iPhone To make the configuration you simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open Settings and look in the list ‘Game Center’ and enter.
  2. Activate the Game Center option and sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Once you have created the account with the login, you can enter the alias with which you want to be recognized with other people.
  4. In addition, you will also be able to access a configuration of the profile image that does not always have to coincide with that of your Apple account. You can even make use of a Memoji.

Game Center

When the account has been created, the synchronization and registration of all the events that take place throughout the game will begin. From that moment on, you can start enjoying this experience and add all the contacts you want. Yes OK, only games that are compatible with Game Center will be able to be within this platform. This is information that can be found in the App Store when downloading.

If you are in a Mac the process changes slightly, having to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the App Store application.
  2. In the event that the Game Center is not activated, you will get a notice to do so by logging in with your Apple ID.
  3. Click on your username.
  4. Click on ‘Profile’ in Game Center.
  5. Go to System Preferences> Internet Accounts and click on your Game Center ID and then on ‘Details’.
  6. Enter the alias with which you want it to be displayed on the screen, although if you want to enter a new profile image you must do so through the iPhone.

Game Center

How to ensure game synchronization

As we have mentioned before, the synchronization of the games is done automatically when you are linked to your Game Center account. This applies to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV by working together with the Apple ID itself. Although, some considerations must be taken into account so that the synchronization works in a correct way. That is, all the games can be enjoyed on any device at the exact point where you have left it.

But in order to achieve this, you have to know that the settings on an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV must be correct. That is why all devices must have the same Apple account started on all of them. It is also important to check it in the Game Center settings to know that the same ID that is at the bottom of the avatar is being used. In the event that you are in Family, nothing changes since everything is governed by your personal account and you cannot consult the games of the rest of the users of In Family nor does it interfere with their synchronization operation. In this way, privacy is guaranteed for all users.

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