Swift Student Challenge winners receive WWDC gadgets

A few days ago the Cupertino company officially announced the winners of the Swift Student Challenge. In these hours the winners are receiving the gadget package as a gift from Apple.


The Swift Student Challenge competition gathers students from all over the world. This year’s group included students from 35 different countries. In addition to WWDC training, the winners received a year’s membership in Apple’s development program and some exclusive WWDC 2021 gadgets.

The latter are arriving in these hours to the winners of the contest, thus allowing us to take a look at the contents of the package. The Cupertino company has included a beautiful hooded sweatshirt, with the Apple logo on the front and the number 21 on the back, together with a winter wool hat with the WWDC logo and some pins.

There are only a few days left until WWDC 2021. What news do you expect from the next generation of Apple-branded software?


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