Swift Student Challenge: Apple Announces Winners!

The WWDC 2021 is missing less and less, the Apple conference dedicated to developers with the presentation of all the news on the software side, and the Californian company announces the winning students of the Swift Student Challenge.

Swift Student Challenge

Apple then published the names of the winners of the annual competition that gathers students from all over the world. This year’s group features students from 35 different countries, among which three young female students stand out who not only exploit technology to solve big problems but who try to teach the same to others. In short, they are charting their own path while making sure others have the tools to follow in their footsteps, all before the end of high school.

Gianna Yan (16) created an app called “Feed Fleet” to help immunosuppressed people obtain essential goods during the pandemic. And going further, it partnered with The Farmlink Project to move over 13 million pounds of surplus food from farms to distribution facilities.

Abinaya Dinesh (15) is about to launch an application called “Gastro at Home” with the aim of offering people with gastrointestinal disorders an easy way to access resources and information useful for wellness. But that’s not all: in the last year, this young girl started her own non-profit organization, Impact AI, which aims to promote training and ethical practices related to artificial intelligence.

Damilola Awofisayo (17) created TecHacks, a non-profit organization that aims to create a supportive environment for girls around the world to encourage them to show their talents and feel free to create. Its first hackathon brought together more than 800 participants (women and non-binary individuals) from over 60 countries. The young woman is also working on an application for the American sign language, probably due out later this year.

The announcement came a little while ago, in the press section of the US Apple website:

Each year we are inspired by the talent and naivety we see in the students of the Swift Student Challenge. This year we are incredibly proud that far more girls have signed up and won than ever before and we are committed to doing everything we can to nurture this progress and achieve true gender equality. – says Susan Prescott, VP of Worldwide Developer Relations and Enterprise and Education Marketing.

In addition to WWDC training, the winners will receive a year of Apple Development Program membership and some WWDC gadgets. Apple did not publish the full list of names but contacted the winners individually.

To learn more and learn more about the winners’ stories, you can read the full post of Apple in its US Newsroom.


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