Summary of rumors of the iPhone 13: its most talked about news

The most popular features of the iPhone 2021

It is not known if they will finally be called iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s, but it seems fairly clear that these could be their main novelties, since there are several sources that have confirmed it in these months:

  • There will be four again: the sizes of the iPhone 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will be repeated with their natural successors. We remember that they mount screens of 5’4, 6’1, 6’1 and 6’7 inches respectively.
  • Flat and thicker edges: It seems that the form factor of the flat sides has returned to stay, although this time somewhat thicker.
  • Less ‘notch’: the famous eyebrow of the iPhone present from the ‘X’ model will finally be reduced this year considerably in all models, although it will not disappear completely yet.
  • New orange color: Although this is a very early rumor, it would not be unreasonable for it to happen considering that each year Apple adds a new color to its ‘Pro’ models.

render iphone 13 pro orange

  • Greater storage: the ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro Max’ models would double their maximum capacity from 512 GB to 1 TB of storage.
  • Higher capacity batteries: After reducing the mAh capacity of the iPhone 12 compared to the 11, these 2021 models would increase considerably in this section.
  • Touch ID, on screen? The return of the fingerprint reader in an iPhone could be closer and closer and it is rumored that Apple could implement it under the screen and without detriment to Face ID.
  • LTPO panels: The screens of the iPhone, at least the ‘Pro’, will be the same as those of the Apple Watch and could allow to have the “Always On Display” function with less battery consumption.
  • 120 Hz (at last): This refresh rate technology would be released in these devices after not being able to implement previously, giving a greater sense of fluidity in the handling of the system and in adapted video games.

iphone 13 concept

  • Diagonal lenses: In the standard and ‘mini’ model, the arrangement of the lenses will change from being one on top of the other to being diagonally, favoring the capture of 3D elements.
  • LiDAR in the 4 models: the sensor until now exclusive to the ‘Pro’ will be extended to the entire range offering better augmented reality functions and favoring many photography functions.
  • 5G “good” for everyone: Currently the mmWave antennas that allow better 5G are exclusive to the iPhone 12 in the United States, but their successors are expected to have them worldwide.
  • Astrophotographic photos: the lenses of the more advanced models will have improvements in night mode and will bring astrophotography functions to iOS.

With these ingredients we would already have a good dose of changes, although surely there will be more news that Apple finally presents in these smartphones. We recall in any case that, despite the reliability of this information, it remains unconfirmed by the company itself.

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