Spotify: the new “Only you” campaign arrives on iOS

Spotify today announced a new global campaign called “Only You”, an in-app experience with custom playlists to celebrate the uniqueness of its users. The new feature is accessible via the Spotify app for iOS and includes six different in-app experiences.

Starting today, the “Only You” feature will offer six different in-app experiences:

  • Your Audio Birth Chart: a musical encounter of cosmic proportions. Your sun sign indicates the artist you have listened to the most in the past six months. Your moon sign indicates the artist you listen to who best shows your emotional or vulnerable side. Your rising sign pulls it all together with an artist you’ve recently connected with.
  • Your Dream Dinner Party: choose the three artists you would invite to your dream dinner. Once the trio is selected, Spotify will create a custom mix for each artist to create the right mood.
  • Your Artist Pairs: This experience shows unique audio pairings that showcase your range of listening interests.
  • Your Song Year: This part of the experience shows how you have traveled musically in different periods.
  • Your Time of Day– Discover the music and podcast content you listen to at certain times, both early in the morning and late at night.
  • Your Genres / Topics: a combination of music genres and podcasts that make your listening stand out.

Users will also receive new custom playlists after finishing the guided experience. In addition, even at the end of the campaign, they will all be available in the Only You hub.


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