Spotify explains the rationale behind the antitrust dispute with Apple

Horacio Gutierrez, executive of Spotify, returns to speak in an official capacity of the dispute with Apple. On the pages of The Verge the manager wanted to explain all the logics and motivations behind the antitrust dispute with the Cupertino giant.

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The 30% commission on App Store sales and in-app purchases, according to Spotify, has been increased arbitrarily. As Gutierrez himself explained, Spotify isn’t looking to just get a fee cut. The problem would not be linked so much to the percentage itself but rather to the possibility, in the hands of Apple, to change it unilaterally.

The problem is not the rate at 30, 15 or 10 percent. The problem is that this rate is arbitrary and can be set by Apple unilaterally as it is free of competition. What we are saying is that they prevent competitors from coming in and offering alternative payment systems, so there is no market.

Spotify would like Apple’s return to softer rules and sanctions, thus returning to the approach of the early years of the App Store.

We want Apple to go back to the situation that existed when we entered the ‌App Store. Basically we want the situation to be restored to the way it was before their anticompetitive abuses began.

According to Gutierrez, the market should include different payment systems, in order to push Apple towards greater competition. Also according to the executive, the security and sustainability of the App Store should not become reasons for anti-competition.

There is no reason for a platform provider, which should be neutral, to create anti-competitive conditions. They say, “Well, but we built it.” Yes, you built it but when that happened it wasn’t. App Store was built on the work of many app developers who came to the App Store. Whether you built it or not doesn’t matter from an antitrust point of view.

We recall that the European Commission has established that Apple unfairly favored Apple Music over rivals. What will the fate of the App Store be? We will know in the coming months


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