Soon we will be able to play Microsoft xCloud on Safari

Project xCloud

After what Manzana Y Microsoft They will play cat and mouse for months, it seems that those of the Xbox have taken the cat into the water, and finally we will be able to play the xCloud gaming platform from our Apple devices.

Apple has been putting many obstacles to Microsoft not to let its application to be able to play in xCloud was in the Apple Store. In the end, Microsoft has gotten tired, and it will finally be accessible via the web, from Safari, Edge and Chrome. Issue resolved.

Microsoft has just announced that after the beta tests it has been doing with a small group of users, it is going to launch its service streaming games xCloud for Apple devices “in the coming weeks.”

The owners of the Xbox have been trying to launch their game streaming service, which allows users to play from the cloud instead of storing games locally on the device, on Apple’s systems for a long time.

Microsoft and Apple got into a heated public discussion last year about the guidelines of the App Store. Apple refused to make apps like xCloud available on the App Store.

Those from Cupertino argued that with this application they could play games that Apple could not control their content, that could be violent, with sex scenes, etc. With the excuse of “watching over” security of its users, refused to post the application in the App Store.

An unfounded excuse, since it cannot control the audiovisual content of the platforms of streaming video, and well that leaves them all in the App Store.

Apple eventually changed the policy, allowing such apps on the platform, but requiring that each game offered through the service be submitted independently for use. revision.

Microsoft has managed to outwit Apple

Microsoft has grown weary and decided not to go ahead with Apple’s new policy, and will instead offer users access to xCloud through Safari on iPhone and iPad. And in case Apple comes up with Safari for such access, the streaming service will also be launched in Edge Y Chrome. So we will finally be able to enjoy xCloud soon on our iPhones, iPads and Macs.

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