Shortage of chips? Without vaccines it will last a long time

An Apple supplier from Taiwan he warned that the global chip shortage will worsen if there is not a massive increase in COVID-19 vaccinations in the country.

tsmc chip

A major Taiwanese semiconductor supplier will suspend all domestic production for two days after reporting a COVID infection cluster, thus slowing the continuity of the chip supply chain at a time of global shortage.

King Yuan Electronics, the world’s leading provider of chip validity testing services, said it will suspend production at its Miaoli and Hsinchu sites, which account for approximately 80 percent of its revenue. This suspension could exacerbate the global chip shortage, which has already affected a number of companies such as Apple.

So far, only 2.5% of the local population has received one first vaccination against COVID-19 and that percentage it has to increase dramatically to resolve the situation, at least according to what was declared by company representatives: “Sand most of Taiwan’s population will not receive COVID vaccines soon, we fear that it is only a matter of time before more and more companies will be forced to stop production due to the spread of the virus “.

Meanwhile, Apple is helping TSMC with the vaccination campaign, in order to avoid further delays in the production of chips for iPhone, iPad and Mac.


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