series chapters and previews of premieres

New episodes of Lisey’s Story, Mythic Quest, Cycles

The series created by Stephen King and JJ Abrams has released its third episode this week. We remember that it really is a miniseries and that it will be composed of 8 episodes. In Lisey’s Story we can witness a gripping thriller in which a middle-aged woman begins to experience a series of chilling events related to the death of her husband two years ago.

Lisey's Story Apple TV +

On Mythic Quest we are also on the premiere, since they have issued the seventh chapter of their second season. The particular CW is once again the protagonist, who returns to the scene after the COVID-19 pandemic, having to deal with an unpleasant visit for which he will have the invaluable help of Rachel. The series will close its second season in two weeks, but it will surely return with new plots in the future.

Cycles it also continues to release episodes corresponding to its second season. Specifically, the fifth chapter of this batch has already been published, in which the leading couple continues to be determined to achieve success in their adoption process. Of course, for such an amendment they believe they need a bigger house and a promotion in the Nikkei job that allows them to obtain more income. Will the fun London couple achieve their goals?

Preview of See, The Morning Show, Foundation and a new series

The Apple series starring Jason Momoa, See, will return with its second season on August 27th. For this, the company has issued a small preview in the form of a teaser with which we can already open our mouths to the new plots that will continue the new episodes. It should be noted that it has even been renewed for a third season for which they have not yet ventured to give dates.

The October 22 Invasion will be released. This is a new science fiction series that will tell the invasion of a legion of aliens and will do so by telling the stories in different perspectives across the entire planet. It is written by Kinberg and Weil, with prominent protagonists such as Shamier Andersor, Golshifeth Farahani, Sam Neill or Firas Nassar. Its first trailer in original language with Spanish subtitles is also available (the series will be dubbed into a multitude of languages ​​including Spanish).

This week has also served for Apple to make a small compilation of all its contents, including the upcoming releases this year. In the video shown you can see the first scenes of the second season of The Morning Show which still has no scheduled date, other alternative images of the aforementioned Invasion and See, as well as the highly anticipated Foundation coming this fall based on the acclaimed science fiction novel by Isaac Asimov.

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