September is the key month

No delays are expected in any case

As we hinted previously, there will be 4 phones that Apple will present to us in 2021. They will become the natural successors of the current iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. In fact, its nomenclature might not even be ’13’, but rather ’12s’, something that the company has already done in the past with improved versions of its smartphones that have not meant great changes from one year to the next. Regardless of this, sources close to supply chains claim that deadlines are being met provided by Apple.

Making the iPhone

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the company’s plans in 2020, delaying the presentation date of smartphones from September to October and having some units that were not launched until November. It is not the case of this 2021, that despite the shortage of components in the sector, Apple seems to already have the route set and except for surprise, everything will arrive in time. In fact, a few days ago we learned that the suppliers of chips and displays were going to start production within a few weeks.

Possible presentation and launch schedule

We already say that there is no official information from Apple about the dates. In fact, they do not even announce as such when an iPhone will be presented, since until the event itself arrives they leave everything in the air with an aura of mystery that is always exposed by rumors. Except for last year due to the circumstances of the pandemic, Apple has been introducing new iPhones in September since 2012 and except for a capital surprise, this year will again be that eighth month of the year.

Tim Cook Apple

Another thing we have learned in recent years is that there is always a Tuesday or Wednesday which is usually in the second or third week of the month. And unless there is a delay in any of the models, the launch occurs on Friday of the following week. And it is okay that this is not an exact science nor does it deal with any statistics, but taking into account this history and that Apple’s plan continues without delays, it could lead us to consider these possibilities:

  • Option 1:
    • Date of presentation: 7-8 September
    • Release date: September, 17th
  • Option 2:
    • Date of presentation: September 14-15
    • Release date: 24th September

We insist on emphasizing that these are nothing more than possibilities based on the recent history of iPhone launches, although if we continue without delays we firmly believe that these could be the key dates. In any case, there are still 3 months ahead in which to continue learning about new leaks about these devices, so we will continue to report on it.

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