Released a new firmware for AirPods Max

Apple's new AirPods Max

A device that may seem as simple as headphones, Apple has elevated them to their utmost complexity with the AirPods Max. A multitude of high-tech components are housed inside, governed by powerful firmware.

Well, said software has just received a new upgrade by the company. Apple has not provided information on the news that can be reported to the user, but if they have launched it, it will be for a reason.

Apple just released a new version (the 3E756) of the internal firmware of the AirPods Max. Since the launch of the headphones last Christmas, this update is already the third.

Last March, Apple released the second update, the 3C39, the current one in the devices until today.

As usual in Apple, it does not offer information about the news that includes the firmware updates. Hopefully they are small bug fixes, autonomy improvements, or support for the new Spatial Audio, the new feature of Apple Music.

To the pain of the users, no way to force an update on none of the existing AirPods, nor on the AirTags either. Perhaps it is an issue that the company should consider.

So the only thing you can do is leave your iPhone near the AirPods Max while they are connected to a power source, and wait.

What you can do (something is something) is check if they have been updated, as follows:

  • From your iPhone connected to AirPos Max, open Settings.
  • Open General.
  • Open Information.
  • Tap on AirPods.
  • Look at the software version.

The one that was in force until today is version 3C39. The new version is 3E756. If you see that the version has not changed yet, leave them for a while connected to the charger, and wait until they update.

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