Recover your iPhone 12 Pro submerged in a channel thanks to MagSafe


We are already used to an Apple device save life of its owner thanks to the functions it incorporates for it. What is new is that it happens in reverse.

Thanks to one of the characteristics of the device, in this case the MagSafe charging system, a user can save “the life” of his iPhone 12 Pro, fishing it with a magnet where it was submerged …

An iPhone 12 Pro user manages to rescue his phone thanks to the charging system MagSafe that incorporates said device. Let’s see what happened.

Frederik riedel He had a small accident with his mobile, as so many people usually do. He was on the edge of a canal in the city of Berlin, when he dropped his brand new iPhone 12 Pro with such bad luck that it ended up at the bottom of the canal. A bitch, no doubt.

He tried to reach in to retrieve it, but it did not reach the bottom of the channel, and with the dirt in the water he could not even see where it had been submerged. But he did not give up.

I knew that the iPhone 12 Pro incorporates a series of magnets on the back, since I used the Apple MagSafe charger every day and saw how it was «hit»The iPhone to the loading disk.

So he went home, and after a few hours returned to the crash site with a magnet attached to a threadin the hope that his “invention” would work. And it worked.

He only had to dip the magnet in the same spot where the mobile fell, and they stuck to each other as they got closer. So he could «catch it»And retrieve it from the bottom of the canal.

Luckily the iPhone it worked perfectly, despite being submerged for several hours at the bottom of the channel. So you already know. When you go fishing, also put a magnet in the hook box, in case you drop your iPhone. Of course, you have to carry an iPhone 12 that incorporates the MagSafe charge … otherwise, you will only fish empty cans …

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