presentation of iOS 15 and other news

The great day has arrived for lovers of apple software. The Californian company today celebrates the inaugural conference of WWDC 2021, a conference focused on developers and that in this first event on Monday 7 will take the opportunity to present the news of the upcoming iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV operating systems. Therefore all eyes are on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8, and tvOS 15. However, there could be news such as new computers and other surprises. Follow him with us live in this article.

Where is this event airing?

The Californian company is offering the event in streaming through its Apple TV application on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. It also offers coverage through its website, although if you want to follow it in a more comfortable way you can do so through the following video on its official YouTube channel.

WWDC 2021 begins!

The event has already started, after an iMessage animation, which could be a preview of what we are about to see. After that we find a particular Apple intro parodying Tim Cook, Federighi and other faces of Apple. All the protagonists are developers, so it is loaded with winks and jokes from the environment. Apple does not forget that in the end these events are focused on them.

Enter Tim Cook at the Steve Jobs Theater and with an audience! These are Animojis though. An image that, although it is edited by computer, is appreciated after seeing a completely empty theater last year. In the opening speech, he emphasized the company’s commitment to offer resources to developers, highlighting all the workshops that they carry out during the year and more specifically in these conferences.

Introducing iOS 15

Carl Federighi begins to introduce the novelties of iOS 15 for iPhone:

  • FaceTime improvements:
    • Add Spatial Audio to video calls
    • They greatly enhance the image with much more natural colors and scenes


    • Voice isolation is also incorporated into these video calls so that they can also have better audio, this being a function that can be activated manually.
    • Portrait Mode is also incorporated as it happens in other video calling apps that blur the background
    • Links can be created for video calls
    • The possibility of sharing screen during video calls is added through a new standard called Share Play, being able to share even the audio, the latter function being compatible with third parties such as Disney +, HBO Max, Twitch and more.
    • FaceTime added to Android and Windows via web

share facetime songs

  • IMessage improvements:
    • New way to quickly share content from other native applications, photos.
    • It can be shared through links from different applications. It is applicable to all devices in the ecosystem.

  • News in the notification system:
    • Notification banners redesign.
    • New smart notification summary.
    • Possibility of postponing the appearance of notifications on the screen.
    • When using Do Not Disturb mode on the iPhone, a notice will appear in Messages notifying all your contacts of the status you are in.
    • Do Not Disturb mode will also be applied to other applications to determine which notifications you want to receive.
    • New feature of Focus: you can separate notifications related to work or personnel type. The operating system will be able to determine through the location in which you are what type of applications can send you notifications. In this way, here you can deactivate notifications from social networks when you are at work and activate them when leaving.

  • New camera feature: now the iPhone camera will act on different texts thanks to the Live Text function. The iPhone camera can capture text on a whiteboard or poster so that it can be directly copied and pasted into another application. In addition, the phone number of the posters can also be detected to make calls directly. It is also compatible with photos.

Article in development: We are broadcasting live all the news that Apple is presenting at WWDC 2021. If you don’t want to miss anything, we advise you to refresh this page to find all the news that we are adding to this article.

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