Possible presentation of MacBook Pro at WWDC 2021

Only a report would indicate that they will not be presented

Just a few days ago, Digitimes, a medium close to Apple’s production chain, claimed that the company was preparing new MacBook Pros with miniLED panels. In fact the information revolved around the manufacture of these components by the supplier Global Lighting Technologies. According to that report, they wouldn’t start shipping to Apple until the end of the year. This could mean several things: that the MacBook Pro presented by Apple at the WWDC do not carry this technology, that it will finally carry it and be launched at the end of the year when stock is available or that if it has said panel and the Digitimes report is wrong. .

MacBook Pro M1

Far from being gurus or having internal sources at Apple, at La Manzana Bite we are inclined to think that there will be a MacBook Pro at WWDC 2021, although without those miniLED panels. Jon Prosser’s information has been joined in recent hours by a report by Daniel Ives, Wedbush analyst who confirmed to Macrumors that the Californian company intends to present at WWDC two 14 and 16 inch models from its ‘Pro’ range of laptops.

The main leaked features of these MacBooks

In these months there have been several very relevant analysts in the sector who have predicted some of the benefits of these computers, later confirmed by a hack into the computers of Apple’s main supplier, with clear information on what these MacBook Pros would have. The most striking thing is he change of design adopting a flatter form factor in the purest iMac and iPad style. To this would be added the return of ports such as MagSafe, HDMI or SD card reader.

macbook pro 2021 concept

Inside we would find again a ARM chip designed by Apple. Ives stated that it would be an M1 again, something that seems unlikely given the number of computers that already have this chip, including the current 13-inch MacBook Pro to be replaced by the 14-inch. improved chip from the M1, call it M1X or M2. In fact this chip could be integrated into other Macs that are rumored for this appointment, as a hybrid version between the Mac mini and Mac Pro.

There are only 4 days left to finish answering questions. We are assured of the presentations of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 as new software for the company’s products. And while it is true that hardware does not usually have much of a place in these WWDCs unless they are focused on a very specific professional public, it does not seem unreasonable that rumored computers could be presented.

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