Possible news from WWDC 2021: software and even hardware

Apple will release iOS 15, macOS 12 and company

Apple is a very eclectic company in terms of announcing future announcements, worth the redundancy. Even when it has been announcing its future versions of software at WWDC for years, the company does not announce it officially and waits for the opening conference to arrive to show them already with all their news. Thus, this year we would find the following operating systems, of which we do not have official information about their news:

  • iOS 15: It is expected that the iPhone operating system will bring an improvement in the widgets making them more interactive, redesign of the notifications, new functions related to health and maybe even some aesthetic change in the icons of apps very much in the macOS style.
  • iPadOS 15: could be the star of the event, since the arrival of the iPad Pro with M1 chip could be an indication that the company will provide more software tools to these teams. Who knows if the adoption of macOS apps will finally be a reality, at least in the latest models.

iOS 15

  • macOS 12: this is the operating system of which there have been fewer rumors, to the point that we do not even know what name it will take to replace the current Big Sur. Being an already very mature system, no big changes are expected either.
  • watchOS 8: the future software version of the Apple Watch will integrate new functions related to health, such as a possible stress meter to avoid panic attacks. Beyond this, any news you bring will be a surprise.
  • tvOS 15: the operating system of the Apple TV is always one of the least surprising because it is focused on well-defined utilities already. Although this year it is said that it could be redesigned and who knows if it could grab more minutes on the screen than expected.

They could introduce new Mac computers

Jon Prosser, Mark Gurman and other Apple analysts have been predicting for weeks that in this WWDC 2021 we would also see hardware. In particular there is much talk about a possible hybrid between Mac mini and Mac Pro, with a new chip improving the M1 and that at the design and size level would be the same as stacking three or four Mac mini one on top of the other. However, Prosser himself has also predicted a Mac mini redesign with improved benefits that who knows if it would serve in the end as that hybrid model that he himself predicted a few months ago.

mac pro mini concept

Jon Prosser’s “Mac mini Pro” Concept

The Macbook pro They could also have their space if finally Apple decides to present them now instead of waiting for the end of the year: new design, improved chip and the arrival (again) of ports such as MagSafe, HDMI or SD card reader. To this should be added a possible silent renovation of the Mac Pro, which would update its Intel processors. And we say silent because it could be a simple change in the Apple Store without even the company mentioning it at WWDC.

The bets are open. Less and less is needed to stop treating the information as rumor and to know what Apple will finally present. In La Manzana Mordida we will do a special coverage both on the web and on YouTube, so we recommend that you follow us if you do not want to miss a detail.

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