Possible new feature of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 with the Messages app

The ‘clues’ about changes in iMessage

Apple’s invitations to its events, such as the WWDC, usually always leave some clue of what is to come. In the recent history of the company we find many examples, although by not going too far we can go back to the month of April and an invitation to its event in which we saw the apple logo formed by lines that later became the «hello »With which the new iMac were introduced. This is somewhat convoluted, but on other occasions they have been more evident, such as using a color palette that has later been integrated into the iPhone they presented.

In WWDC this is not usually so common, although they also tend to leave some clue. This year there was a lot of talk about Apple’s intentions when showing Memojis with glasses, given the rumor mill that exists around an accessory of this type in the area of ​​augmented reality. Today it seems more a nod from Apple to these rumors than a preview of news, but what could make more sense are the images used in recent days in which several of these Memoji are seen using iMessage.

app developers wwdc 2021

Also in the official app for developers you can see posters in which this application is used. It is a native Apple service and it is not the first time it has been used either, but the fact that it appears in several places and at a time when there is talk of a possible profound change in the app, it would not be surprising that they were pointing to it as one of the great novelties of the next WWDC 2021.

Apple wants to continue enhancing its messaging app

The latest Apple privacy measures have made companies like Facebook have jumped on the defensive, accusing the company of wanting to end tools such as WhatsApp, which has been in the spotlight in recent months due to a series of regulations related to privacy. of users who have not liked them very much. Even the CEO of this company directly accused Apple of having a less secure messaging service than his, although it was denied soon after by some experts who showed Apple’s complex security framework for its iMessage service.

files in imessage

Although in Spain this is not a very widespread service, the truth is that in territories such as the United States it is one of the main communication channels. And while it is true that the company has never set it aside and each year has integrated news, there are analysts who have predicted possible weeks in advance profound changes in the app, not so much on an aesthetic level to maintain its identity, but on a functional level to be able to compare it with other large platforms.

We will have to wait just a few more days to finish confirming whether these rumors and possible leads from Apple end up coming true. In any case, it is clear that the intention of Californians is to further improve the experience of using this tool and, to a greater or lesser extent, it seems that there will be news in this regard in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, probably extendable to macOS 12.

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