Possible arrival of WhatsApp to iPad and other devices

The first beta could arrive soon

IPad users are waiting to know the news of iPadOS 15 that will be presented next Monday at WWDC 2021 and surely more than one of them will test the beta of this version even without being a developer. However, there is another beta that seems to be highly anticipated from now on and it is none other than WhatsApp. In the interview with WABetainfo, both the director of Facebook and the head of the WhatsApp section, Will Cathcart, have shown the company’s idea of ​​making the popular messaging service a reality work on different devices at the same time. And although they have not been determined to give a approximate date, if they claim that it will be a public beta that lets you test this function.

Of course, both Zuckerberg and Cathcart have wanted to highlight the technical complexity which requires such a transformation. The CEO particularly emphasized the difficulty of getting all messages and chats to sync correctly across multiple devices. They even talk that this may be possible when the device on which the app is installed runs out of battery.

WhatsApp iPad

It will be a great step for WhatsApp

It should be noted that this not only refers to the possibility of viewing WhatsApp on iPad, but it is understood that it will also be for Android tablets and other operating systems. It is also expected that it is not a simple version of the app that needs to continually have the main phone synchronized as it happens now. They have not gone into too much detail in commenting on this function, since it has not been officially presented as such, but it is understood that the idea would be emulate what Telegram and other similar apps do.

Despite being the main messaging tool in the world, especially in countries like Spain, WhatsApp is very far in this sense from what other applications offer. Something similar happens with regard to transfer chats from Android to iOS or vice versa, which could also be solved with this future multiplatform app, since it would even be possible to have an iPhone and an iPad with the same chats and being able to act on them at the same time and with full synchronization.

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The news also comes in a complicated moment for WhatsApp, since at the beginning of this year it lived involved in controversy by requiring users to share data with Facebook for advertising purposes. This caused that the alternatives to this app began to grow in number of users and that even the CEO of Facebook took it against Apple, in the end the Cupertino company being oblivious to the policies carried out by his company. This seems that, at least for the moment, it will calm the waters. More if we take into account that they finally backed down in their threats to block functions if that new data policy was not allowed.

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