Opening of new Apple Stores confirmed by the company

The value of the Apple Store, more alive than ever

Apple has always placed great emphasis on the importance of its physical stores and differentiation with stores of other companies (even non-technological ones). From the time of Angela Ahrendts, who was responsible for these worldwide from 2014 to 2019, the company’s stores even stopped having that official nomenclature of ‘Store’ (store). This at a commercial level is of vital importance for the company, since it wants these places to be meeting points between users and a great place to see first-hand the Apple experience, both at the level of products and services.

The COVID-19 crisis has caused Apple, like so many other businesses, to close its stores. Fortunately for the company, the sales produced by its online store have been able to balance the balance and alleviate the losses in physical establishments. And although they want the online store to remain a good portal where you can access information about the brand and its products, they continue to give vital importance to presence.

Apple Store Seoul

O’Brien confirmed the opening of new stores all over the world in a recent interview with a German media, in which he took stock of the situation, leaving some interesting phrases such as those related to what we comment on here. The vice president considers the company’s website to be “a place where people can learn a lot about the products”, later stating that “in a store they can touch them and get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthem”, thus hinting at the promising future of these establishments.

Spain, a candidate to receive new Apple Store?

Although O’Brien did not confirm dates, much less territories, several analysts have intuited that Europe could be one of the main points where the company could open these new stores. And although obviously in the old continent we find many countries, it is inevitable for us to speculate on the possibility that our country is one of the chosen ones.

We currently have 11 Apple stores in our country, having 4 in Madrid, 2 in Barcelona and one in Valencia, Valladolid, Zaragoza, Murcia and Marbella. One possibility is that the company could balance the number in Madrid by opening some more stores in large cities such as Barcelona or Valencia, but considering the extension of the territory in the south and north of the country, it would not be unreasonable to see new stores in cities like Bilbao, Seville or some Galician. As it is not ruled out that Balearic Islands or Canary Islands could receive a local for the first time.

apple spain

It is true that the Premium Resellers in Spain play a good role in supplying the official premises of the company in much of our territory and even in cities where they already exist. However, we know that in all the aforementioned territories (and more) the news of a new opening would be well received. In any case, they are still cabals harvested based on statements in which they are not spoken with too much accuracy, so we will be awaiting possible new information in this regard.

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