No news of iPadOS 15 for the iPad Pro 2021 with M1

Missed opportunity for these new features in iPadOS 15

We cannot deny that how much or little Apple improved on iPadOS 15 was very good: improvements in FaceTime video calls, full-screen widgets, app library, new functions in the Notes app … But it is also undeniable that they left the iPad Pro M1 without features to squeeze them. It was not necessary to go into too much detail on the hardware of these teams if we knew that the chip they mount is the same as the computers. We expected something more.

It is understandable that macOS was not going to be integrated into these devices, something that would not be unreasonable, but in any case it was still far from happening. It was also obvious that there would be iPads that they would not support depending on what novelties because they had less powerful components than those of those latest high-end tablets, but it was not at all obvious to imagine that not a single exclusive function to squeeze such a processor and a RAM capable of reaching 16 GB, more when it is currently limited in iPadOS 14.

Many of us hoped to finally see macOS apps on iPadOS as the reverse is already happening. Maybe not all applications and not even some as desired as Final Cut Pro. But we expected to see at least an introduction of some tool for developers that would allow them to make their apps more easily compatible and even that they could run on iPad instantly with something similar to the Rosetta 2 we have on Mac with M1.

Neither trace of the improvements when connecting an external monitor, either by adapting the iPadOS interface to its format or allowing it to be used as a second screen instead of a simple duplication. Not even the excellent Thunderbolt 3 standard with which the latest iPad Pro is compatible seems sufficient for, at least for now, Apple has taken the step. Disappointment.

Could Apple change plans at the last minute?

Honestly, we find it hard to believe that Apple decided not to launch any novelty like the ones we mentioned previously. In 2018 we already saw some iPad Pro with unpublished hardware to date, but that was not squeezed, however, until the arrival of iPadOS 13 a few months later. Apple made that move conscientiously knowing that with the software updates that were to come they were going to hit the mark and satisfy a good part of the needs and requirements that these tablets had.

This time we find it hard to believe that Apple had in its plans to add interesting improvements, but that either They feed off what wasn’t released on iPadOS 14 or they are very little thought for the iPad Pro M1. We do not know if the company encountered any last minute setback that prevented them from fulfilling their plan, but the truth is that after this conference, buying an iPad Pro M1 loses a little more sense, except for those who want to enjoy an excellent miniLED panel on the 12.9-inch model.

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