New screen technology on MacBook and iPad, by when?

MacBook Pro with miniLED by the end of the year

Analyst Jon Prosser predicted several weeks ago the possibility that we will see new MacBook Pros in the next WWDC 2021 that begins this Monday. However, this could be contrary to the information they handle from Digitimes and which they echo in MacRumors. This revolves around the possibility of seeing MacBook Pro with miniLED panels in the last quarter of the year. Although it is possible that they are presented now and do not come out until the end of the year, as it happened with other products presented at a WWDC and that were not released until later, such as the Mac Pro 2019.

render macbook 2021

This information from the Asian environment is based on information obtained from Global Lighting Technologies, a supplier of these backlit panels, who plan to start these component shipments for the dates indicated above. And although models are not specified, it is expected to be for the 14 and 16-inch ‘Pro’ that have been rumored and that, in addition to the screen, would bring back several ports such as MagSafe, HDMI and even SD card reader according to a filtration obtained directly from one of the manufacturers.

The iPad Air is a candidate for the OLED screen

In 2017 was when Apple definitively launched itself into new screen technologies by introducing OLED panels in the brand new iPhone X. This technology has been improving over time and spreading, to the point that all new iPhone already carry this type of screen. Now it could be the turn of the iPad range, according to information that in this case comes from the medium ETNews.

According to this source, Apple plans to introduce this type of screen in its tablets for the next year and although they do not specify a model, it could be the ‘Air’ range.It is not ruled out that it be added to the 11-inch ‘Pro’ model, which this year has continued with IPS panels despite the fact that its older brother of 12.9 has introduced the miniLED, although it is expected that in 2022 both will mount those panels . It would be practically ruled out if it was to be introduced into the basic range of iPad, since it would be inconsistent for price to offer a better screen than in more advanced models.

We will have to continue waiting for new reports to finish confirming these data. Although we cannot classify it as something official because it has not been reported by Apple, the truth is that the leaks that come from the supply chains tend to have a fairly high reliability, despite the fact that the Californian company does everything possible to prevent this type of information leakage occurs.

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