new rumors of its release and delay

The lag in the new MacBook Pros

As we have previously commented, there were many reports that suggested that Apple was preparing a redesign of the MacBook Pro range. Jon Prosser himself stated that they would be ready to be presented at the WWDC 2021 that is being developed right now, but in the end it was not fulfilled. But the truth is that these have not been isolated rumors, but in different leaks of information from Apple itself it has been possible to confirm all the news that was going to include. Now it has been possible to know through a report what has happened to these new laptops.

This report points to the shortage of mini-LED display components as the main reason for delaying the launch. The first plans that Apple had in mind was to go into mass production in the second quarter. But the COVID-19 pandemic has made the components that are mainly manufactured in China have suffered delays in their production. This is not something that affects only Apple as it is also negatively affecting other companies. It is for all this that Apple has delayed mass production to the third quarter of the year.

macbook pro

Analyst Mark Gurman on the other hand continues to state that the launch will be scheduled in early summer, very close to the start of mass production. This may not end up being fulfilled since the margins that Apple will have to respond to the demand will be very low, fully affecting the brand image they have. We will have to wait for the next few months until all these production problems are resolved and the redesigned MacBook Pro can finally be seen.

What Apple plans to include in these Macs

The rumors that are on the table right now point to a very interesting redesign of these professional teams. The most remarkable thing as we have commented will reside in the screen that will integrate mini-LED technology to offer a better visual experience. But in addition I also know they will reduce the edges much more giving a design very similar to that of an iPad. This for professionals is very good news when editing video or photography.

MacBook Pro 2021 Concept

In addition to the aesthetic section, the recovery of certain ports on the Mac such as the HDMI or card reader. Today with the models that are for sale it is necessary to always have a USB-C adapter connected to the Mac, something that can be uncomfortable. Inside, how could it be otherwise, the second generation of the proprietary chip that could be called M2 or M1X.

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