new rumors in the development of the new electric car

Apple contacts Chinese companies for battery supply

As reported through Reuters, Apple would be in talks with the companies CATL and BYD from China to be future suppliers of Apple. Specifically, they would supply the batteries that will be installed in the future Apple Car. Right now the agreements are not completely closed since there may be relevant changes as the different discussions that are totally private are carried out. This is because the people who are integrating the meetings have not wanted to be identified.

apple car

With all the rumors that have been seen on the table it is clear that Apple is working intensively in the manufacture of cars. But the big question we all ask ourselves right now is whether we will see a car made exclusively by Apple or will bet on collaborations with other specialized companies. In the latter case, the role of the Cupertino company would focus on software with CarPlay and chips to be able to feed vehicles with cutting-edge technologies that can outperform other companies in the sector such as Tesla.

Some technology gurus such as Ming-Chi-Kuo believe that there are still five years to go before we can have the Apple Car on the market. This is mainly because it would be in early development and there is still a long time to go to see it come true. That is why analysts point to year 2025 for launch, something totally logical since it is a new terrain for Apple that has suffered many ups and downs in its process. It should be remembered that for a few months the project seemed to be totally dead until it was resurrected again.

Apple’s condition that Chinese companies do not accept

Right now the talks are aimed at being able to have a good supply of batteries on a constant basis from specialized companies. It must be borne in mind that CATL is a distributor with a very good experience behind it since, among other companies, it manufactures for Tesla which is undoubtedly a benchmark in the automotive world.

apple car

But the most serious problem that is occurring is undoubtedly related to the demand for have a factory in the United States. This is one of the requirements that Apple has on the table right now and companies in China do not quite see it clearly. Costs would increase considerably by having to pay taxes in the United States and offer a higher salary to employees than can be had in China itself. To this must also be added the quarrels between the United States and China on the political side.

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