New iPad Air for less money: offers available now

If you are one of those nonconformists who does not settle for the cheap iPad and who nevertheless does not choose to have the ‘Pro’ model, there is no doubt that the 4th generation iPad Air is the most appropriate for you. Although it is not one of the most expensive iPad, now you can get it for less money thanks to a series of discounts that we can find on Amazon. Keep reading if you want to know more, since we tell you in detail what you should know about this offer.

This is the knockdown price of the iPad Air

The famous relationship price quality it is more than fulfilled in this iPad Air, which as we said has an official price that despite moving away from the cheapest models, is also below the iPad Pro. Therefore, it is tremendously striking. Currently Amazon offers discounts on this device, which vary depending on the version you choose, as well as the color and internal storage capacity.

  • 64GB WiFi version:
    • Blue or silver color: 50 euros discount
    • Space gray, pink, or green color: 45 euros discount
  • 256GB WiFi version:
    • Any color: 65 euros discount
  • 64GB WiFi + Cellular version:
    • Pink colour: 89 euros discount
    • Silver color: 80 euros discount
    • Color blue: 77 euros discount
    • Green color: 70 euros discount
    • Space gray color: 55 euros discount
  • 256GB WiFi + Cellular version:
    • Pink colour: 81 euros discount
    • Color blue: 75 euros discount

iPad Air 4

This iPad also has 2 years warranty offered by Apple for the first year and by Amazon for the second. You can also purchase the AppleCare + extended warranty during the purchase process with its corresponding price increase, although you can also purchase it within 60 days of purchase from the device itself or by calling Apple.

An ideal tablet for almost everyone

At La Manzana Bordida we are very fans of the basic iPad, but we understand that it may be too short even for users who do not want to use the device very intensively. In this iPad Air we find an A14 Bionic chip identical to that of the last iPhone that it offers plenty of power for all kinds of daily actions such as keeping an agenda, checking email, surfing the internet or consuming multimedia content. But even for somewhat more demanding tasks like video editing, if they are sporadic, it can be a great device.

Compatible accessories iPad Air 2020

His 10.9 inch screen It is the protagonist of a modern aesthetic of Apple tablets very similar to that of the ‘Pro’ models. In addition it is compatible with many accessories such as the Apple Pencil 2, the official Apple keyboards (even the one with a trackpad), as well as other external elements that connect via Bluetooth or through your USB-C port. Buying this iPad is a success in most cases and it may even be useful to replace your computer or at least to do so in most cases.

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