New hit for iPhone thieves with new “Search” features in iOS 15

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We all know today that stealing an iPhone only serves to sell it in pieces or to have a nice paperweight. If we find an iPhone, it is easier and more rewarding to return it to its rightful owner than to try to sell it second-hand to get a few euros.The Search app in iOS 15 has also received major changes and in this case they will help us to detect fraud in sales of stolen iPhones or attempts to prevent them from locating the device even if they are turned off.

And it is that in the presentation of yesterday and thanks to the network «Search»Apple says it can locate devices even after they’ve been turned off. This function is totally new and interesting for users, it was not available in the previous version of iOS.

In the event that our device is lost, stolen or lost, we could locate it thanks to this function. It is not clear how this novelty works in the system, but it is likely to show the last known location where our device was known to be and is updated randomly every so often.

This new version also shows good harmony between Search and Activation Lock, a function that can locate a lost device even after it has been erased, so thieves will not be able to erase the device to disable iPhone tracking.

Device locked notification on home screen

This is for me without a doubt one of the key functions of this new version of searching in iOS 15. It is a novelty that you will avoid being fooled by thieves who want to sell the locked device using the Apple ID.

Is that apple now Add to the home screen of our lost or stolen iPhone that it is locked, that it is locatable and that its owner is looking for it. All this in order to prevent this device from being sold illegally. We find this novelty in Search really interesting since scams and attempts to sell found or stolen devices will be further avoided.

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