New for AirPods and Spatial Audio on Apple TV

iOS 15 brings several new features to AirPods, while Apple prepares to launch space audio on Apple Music and Apple TV later this evening.

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With iOS 15, earphones and headphones AirPods they get new features, like the ability to increase the volume of other people’s voices when you’re in a crowded environment. AirPods will also be able to read notifications, phone calls and incoming messages via Siri, as well as having a new feature linked to the Where is app that will allow you to easily find lost earphones or headphones via the Find My network.

With the feature called Conversation Boost and taking advantage of the microphone of the headphones and earphones, the AirPods will reduce ambient noise and they will focus on the conversation taking place in front of you. With iOS 15, there are new announcement notifications.

With Where’s and iOS 5, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max can be found in the Find My network. The devices send a secure Bluetooth beacon, transmitting this information to the network. If they are nearby, they play a sound and can be easily found using the new proximity view in the app already seen with AirTags.

In addition, Apple will prune thespatial audio also on tvOS. The full surround experience is automatically tuned to the set-to box when connected to compatible headphones (such as AirPods) or speakers, with dynamic head tracking support. MacOS with M1 processor will also support spatial audio later this year.

Apple announced that spatial audio will be available from today on Apple Music.


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