New activity challenge in sight. Celebrate International Yoga Day

Yoga Challenge

This has already been a common challenge in recent years for Apple Watch users, it is about getting a challenge with its corresponding medal, stickers and others during the International Yoga Day. This challenge is being carried out since last year 2019 when Apple launched it for the first time.

The last challenge prepared by Apple was that of the International Dance Day, a totally new challenge for this year that was launched on April 29. In this case, the challenge of yoga exercise is not new and Apple Watch users already know it quite well.

Stay active whatever the prize

The best way to be healthy is by praying for regular exercise or physical activity and by eating a balanced diet. In this sense we are clear that the decision is always up to the user But if we get a little push from Apple with a simple challenge like this, we always get a lot more.

In this case The challenge consists of doing 20 minutes of yoga on June 21 and registering it in the activity application of our Apple Watchwith this we will get the medal, the stickers and a dose of health that is sure to be good for us. Simply moving is good, so in these cases the important thing is not to meet the goal itself but to extend this activity more days, it is a way to engage in physical activity and Apple knows it well. You have all day to complete this challenge so write it down on your agenda and hit yoga!

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