Mini-LED panels for iPad and MacBook in late 2020

The screens are being the protagonists in the rumors of these weeks and it is that in addition to different screen sizes there is talk of the arrival of the mini-LEDs on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and MacBook. There is no concrete data when we focus on the measurements of the screens, but it is true that the mini-LED could be imposed on OLED panels.

This is something that remains to be seen and is that today iPad and Mac continue to add the liquid crystal displays (LCD) leaving the OLED for the iPhone and Apple Watch. This does not mean that we will see a change soon and that is precisely what analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo and media like DigiTimes are warning.

Monitors, iPad and MacBook by the end of 2020 with mini-LED

Betting on this type of screens in the current situation can be risky and that the production of this type of screens can be something different from the OLED that is already much more worked, in any case the mini-LED panels would be implemented according to this rumor in Pro Display XDR monitors, on iPad of different sizes but only for MacBook and iPad Pro 12.9 inches would be available at the end of the year.

On the other hand, implementing this type of panels can offer some advantages and other disadvantages in the equipment, what is certain is that The thinness of these mini-LED panels means they have more space to add more battery and performance in terms of battery consumption would be remarkable in front of the OLED. We have been seeing details about this type of panels for quite some time and finally it seems that by the end of this year we could have the first in some of the company’s devices.

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