Mark Zuckerberg confirms that we will have WhatsApp in multiplatform soon

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Of course a WhatsApp does not stop surprising us or rather its owner Mark Zuckerberg. In this case, the most popular messaging application in our country could receive support for all platforms shortly, this means that it could be used on all devices without problem.

As Zuckerberg himself explained in WABetaInfo,the application can be used on several devices simultaneously according to your own words up to four devices. This can be said to be an official confirmation but of what there is no confirmation is the moment when it will be launched.

Will Cathcart, who is currently the head of WhatsApp, says that support for multiple devices will be rolled out in a public beta version and then released as an update for everyone. The approach he has taken to the subject clearly indicates that we will have a native WhatsApp application for the iPad. Cathcart says the company would love to offer this app for the ‌iPad‌ and hinted that the implementation of compatibility with multiple devices will allow them to launch this app.

What is clear is that right now this application is on everyone’s lips, either due to the restrictions that it posed a few days ago regarding the acceptance of the conditions and terms of use or the last thing is that in the future not very Far away they could offer this cross-platform option and allow users to use their own WhatsApp application on the iPad. It is possible that in a couple of months these changes will appear but there is no officially established date, we’ll see what happens.

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