MagSafe risky for cardiac device users

The American Heart Association he claims that Apple devices with MagSafe technology can interfere with pacemakers when placed directly on or in close proximity to the skin.

magsafe iphone 12 pro max

The Journal of the American Heart Association agreed with a previous Heart Rhythm Journal report that close contact with an iPhone 12 created problems with some implantable heart devices. The effect is only active when the iPhone is on or very close to the system.

MagSafe tests with iPhone 12 Pro Max

For its tests, the American Heart Association mainly used an iPhone 12 Pro Max:

Our study demonstrates that Magnet Reverse Mode can be activated when the iPhone 12 Pro Max is placed directly on the skin on an implantable heart device and thus has the potential to inhibit life-saving therapies.

The test involved placing the iPhone 12 Pro Max very close to an array of 11 different pacemakers and defibrillators. Some were devices already implanted in a series of patients, which the report calls “in vivo” tests. Others were “ex vivo” or newly opened devices not yet implanted. The degree of interference varied during the test, but all devices were affected by the interference. The report states that “the iPhone 12 Pro Max was able to activate the magnetic reverse mode at a distance of up to 1.5cm”.

However, the report recommends the need for a broader study of the issue. Also, remember that all heart patients use any smartphone they should “consult a specialist” for advice on this matter.

In January 2021, Apple updated its MagSafe support document to advise users to keep the iPhone 12 approximately 6 inches away from any medical implants.


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