Jony Ive hired former Apple employees for LoveFrom

As reported by The Information, former Apple design chief Jony Ive has hired at least four of his old colleagues to bring them into the new “LoveFrom” company he created.

The former Apple employees who now work for Ive they are Wan Si, Chris Wilson, Patch Kessler and Jeff Tiller. All four worked in the Apple design team led by Jony Ive and have now moved into the new company he created.

Wan Si mainly worked on app icons, buttons and home screens as part of Apple’s human interface team, which Chris Wilson was also a part of. The latter helped design the iCloud icon and the Apple Watch user interface. Jeff Tiller handled administrative matters on the design team, while Patch Kessler worked on the Force Touch trackpad for MacBook before leaving Apple in 2017.

LoveFrom has some former Apple employees on the team, but we also know that Jony Ive’s company continues to deliver consulting to Apple as with the latest iMac 2021.


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