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With the presentation of the new iOS 15 for iPhone at WWDC 2021 we find ourselves, as always, with divided opinions: those who are very happy with the news, those who have been very annoyed for not liking the new and those who are on the ground neutral. In the end, no two opinions will be the same, although if we look at the main comments made on networks by Apple users and analysts, we can draw conclusions about which characteristics were the most valued and what was most lacking.

The most applauded after presenting iOS 15

  • FaceTime enhancements: The popular native application for video calls incorporates interesting image improvements and even noise isolation in the audio, although what has stood out the most is the possibility of creating links to calls and that even Android or Windows users can join via the web. This makes the service much more universal.


  • Notification management and Do Not Disturb: we can finally have a more intelligent management of the notifications we receive, with more optimized regrouping and summaries of the notifications. In addition, the Do Not Disturb mode adds options called “Approach” to configure the notifications we want to receive based on whether we are working or in any other situation (in addition to informing whoever writes us through iMessage).

focus do not disturb ios 15

  • Safari extensions: Perhaps the Chrome extensions will continue to be more popular, but Safari on Mac has had this possibility for years and being able to find them now also on the iPhone can mean a better browsing experience by being able to include third-party tools that enhance our productivity.

safari extensions ios 15

  • Text reader: now we can capture text in real time with the camera to, for example, capture a phone and call directly without having to write it down. But we can even copy and paste the photographed text anywhere, either from the camera app or from a photo already taken and saved on the film.

ios 15 text reader

  • Compatible iPhones: This is not a functional novelty as such, but the fact that the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and SE (1st gen.) were compatible was highly applauded. All the rumors placed them outside of iOS 15 and finally they are updated again, therefore having three consecutive years of versions compatible with identical iPhone to which new generations are joining.

Did Apple forget these other features?

  • Interactive widgets: They were expected like May water after its redesign in iOS 14, but finally these elements remain the same and cannot be interacted with. They continue to give very interesting information, but in the end they do not stop serving as shortcuts to their respective apps when we click on them.
  • Lock screen redesign: This rumor sounded strong and it was expected that the iPhone screen prior to unlocking it would integrate some kind of visual element in the form of a «mini widget». We will have to wait to see if it is integrated into the next iPhone with LTPO screens, since it would make a lot of sense in them if they have the “Always On Display” function.
  • New icons: After the change introduced with macOS 11 with application icons in three dimensions, it was thought that perhaps in iOS 15 we would see something similar. It is not that it is something functional or that everyone likes, but it is true that there are many users who demand a more profound visual change from an iOS 7 that changed everything and that today has evolved, but has not shown any notable change in this sense.
  • Multi-user: Although this function was expected more in the iPad, it is no less true that it would have been interesting to integrate different types of users to the same iPhone. If, for example, you were working, you used a mode in which you have access to certain apps and notifications, while at rest you can access others. In a way, it was buffed up with the newness of Do Not Disturb, although that is still an understatement for some.
  • Split screen: It was not rumored, but it is one of the eternal wishes of users. It is still not possible to use two apps at the same time on an iPhone and taking into account how well it works on iPadOS (which has also enhanced it) it would have been interesting to see it on a smaller scale for mobile phones.

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