iPadOS 15 welcomes Multitasking and App Library

It was a crying secret. iPadOS 15 has started to be unveiled at WWDC 2021 and Apple has announced a new way to view apps with App Library. In addition, with the arrival of this function, so do the widgets on the home screen as what already exists in iPhones with iOS 14. Finally, the concept of multitasking and the Split View and Split Over workflows have also been given a return, allowing to improve productivity in iPadOS 15.

App Library, Multitasking and Widgets on iPadOS 15

iPadOS 15 will debut a new home screen. They are incorporated like this the widgets that we already have on the iPhone with iOS 14. In addition, we already have the App Library available, a launcher of all the applications so as not to lose detail of what we have on our device. Obviously adapted to the iPad interface. Big widgets come to iPadOS 15 to personalize the home screens, once again unleashing the tastes of the user.

We also welcome a redesigned multitasking function. Split View has become more subtle and now we can open an app in Split View mode and to select the next app that will open in double screen, it will be removed from the screen. Once open, you can interact with the two apps by displaying content in Split Over and displaying it if we want larger ones later.

These workflows are a must-try, but they are definitely a breakthrough for iPadOS 15.

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