iPadOS 15 finally lets you use iPhone apps in landscape mode

iPadOS 15

We can say that this was one of those demands of the oldest Apple users and that some applications that are compatible with both iPhone and iPad had a serious problem when viewed on the iPad.

This problem was none other than horizontal viewing, that is, there are applications that are compatible with iPad and iPhone but cannot be viewed horizontally with the iPad.This new version of iPadOS 15 allows these applications to run in landscape mode.

The users who will notice this change the most are all those who have a smart keyboard with Magic Keyboard but cannot use some applications in landscape mode. This makes using the iPad in an upright position is really uncomfortable for use and productivity.

These are those little details that are not actually shown or presented directly in the official Apple keynote but that then they appear at the time of using the new operating system in its beta version. The option to use applications in portrait mode is interesting in many situations but it is also interesting to be able to use these applications in landscape mode more when you have compatible accessories for it. This fall we will have the final version of this operating system for iPad with all these news and possibly some more so we must be vigilant.

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