IPadOS 14 limits the maximum amount of memory that apps can use on iPad Pro 2021

With the launch of the new iPad Pro range, Apple has finally publicly announced how much RAM is found within its devices. The new iPad Pro 2021 range with the M1 processor incorporates 8 GB of RAM in all models, an amount that doubles up to 16GB on 1TB and 2TB models.

However, and as the ad said Power without control is useless, Manzana limits the amount of memory via iPadOS 14 that the apps for this model can use. The maximum amount of memory that they can use is 5 GB. Presumably with iPadOS 15 Apple will allow developers to use more RAM from devices, otherwise there is no point in expanding memory if no third-party app can take advantage of it.

This limit, as usual, has not been officially announced by Apple, but rather we have known it through the developer of the Procreate application, an application that was updated a few days ago to adapt to the power offered by the M1 processor in the iPad Pro 2021.

This news has been released after this update, since many were the users who they were disappointed with the number of layers that can be used in the application despite the considerable increase in memory of the device compared to previous models. With this latest update, the app has increased the number of layers from 91 on the 2020 iPad Pro to 115 on the 2021 model.

The Procreate developer stated that the number of layers is limited because the application has to adapt to the restricted memory environment of the new iPad. This problem affects all multimedia applications designed for professionals, a limitation that will almost certainly disappear with the launch of iPadOS 15, whose first beta is likely to be released in two weeks, after the opening day of WWDC 2021 ends.

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