iOS 15: the Photos app is enriched with news

iOS 15 brings with it a big update to the Memories feature of the Photos app, such as the automated custom video tool that links Apple Music integration, image adjustments, a new interface, and more.

iOS 15 photo app

L’integration with Apple Music it is certainly the most important among the new functions introduced with iOS 15, subscribers to the service will be able to add any track to a memory. The feature provides hundreds of original songs that will be added at launch. The integration also includes song suggestions that combine expert advice with the user’s personal tastes. The suggestions can also advise users of the songs that were in vogue at the time and place of the memory. A really nice feature.

Apple is adding 12 new aesthetic looks, which will be applied automatically after analyzing photos and videos by managing contrast and color adjustments to obtain a uniform aesthetic. Taking advantage of artificial intelligence, photos taken during an international holiday will be grouped together. Memories will be created that focus on children, trends over time and pets. Thanks to the latest update, the application will be able to recognize individual cats and dogs more precisely and accurately.

There Memories section has been updated with animated cards that integrate adaptive titles, new animation and transition styles. Also new is a multi-image card, which automatically embeds photos from our camera roll.


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